[STALEKS] Cuticle Nippers CLASSIC 10 (3 blade lengths)

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Brand: Staleks
Jaw Size: 6 / 11 / 14 mm
Spring: double
material: AISI 420 stainless steel
COO: Russia
keywords: 日本美甲油胶 jaw12 jaw14 JAW16 half jaw full jaw 美甲死皮剪 stainless steel double spring cuticle nippers, grey plated, lap jointed, stainless steel single spring cuticle nippers, staleks nghia mbi Stainless Steel Extra Pointed Handmade Cuticle Nippers NC-10-06

Classic Cuticle Nippers with 0.25 inch Jaw (Ideal Size Jaw to Cut Any part of Cuticles and Dead Skin). Finally a precise tool for cutting cuticles of hand is ready for your beauty. Say goodbye to high expense beauty salon treatment. High Quality Stainless Steel. 100% Stainless Steel assures a long lasting cutting edge and can be sterilized without rusting. Come with the special plastic bag, and special plastic blade protector, to protect instrument.

NOTICE: Disinfect the nipper with rubbing alcohol before using! This is very important, please do it after using also.

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