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[BNP] Air Sable Flat Lash (Mixed Tray)

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Product Details
Brand: BNP
Material: Faux Sable
COO: Japan

This product is great for people who want to try out flat lashes. For those who uses flat lashes more often or regularly [BNP] Air Sable Flat Lash might be a more suitable solution for you. A comparison of [BNP] Antibacterial Silk Lash and [BNP] Air Sable Flat Lash can be found below. Not recommended for volume lash extensions.

  • Curl : C, D
  • Thickness : 0.15 mm (as soft as 0.03)
  • Length : 10mm x2 + 12mm x2 + 14mm x2 + 16mm x2

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