[generic] Gold Crystal Collagen Mask

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  • CRYSTAL COLLAGEN MASK: contains rich collagen extract and vitamin substances, which is called the most effective mask for anti-aging
  • EFFICIENCY: It is able to rapidly penetrate into the skin, deep penetration and quick absorption of the collagen by the skin help to maintain the water. Form an elastic skin film to keep the skin firm, pulpy and full of elasticity
  • STIMULATE CELLS REGENERATION AND REPAIR: rich collagen extract supplies the adequate nutrition to rehydrate and smooth skin, eliminate fins lines, dry lines and wrinkles,prevent melanin growth
  • PREVENT AGEING: eye bag remover, anti wrinkle, dark circles, care deep moisture remove puffiness
  • HOME & PROFESSIONAL USE: suitable for all skin types,pure plant collagen, gold powder, vitamin C, vitamin E, arbutin Ingredients

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