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[Sun] SUNone Nail Lamp UV/LED (White Light) (48W)

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Product Details
Brand: Sun
Functionality: UV+LED
Power: 48 W
Cure Time (Gel Polish): 5-30 s
Cure Time (Builder Gel): 30-90 s
COO: China
  • Press the on-off button for 2 seconds can switch its power from 48W to 24W
  • Heat dissipation hole and fan design can cool the machine , protecting it from overheated
  • can be started automatically just put your hand in it. 3 kinds of time setting: 5 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds. With Removable Magnetic reflective panel
  • can be started automatically by infrared induction when you put your hand into the machine
  • New technology of double light source , suitable for drying nail UV-glue, builder gel, nail polish gel, sculpture gel, gem glue and LED nail gel

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