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[SKY] Glue D+ (5ml)

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Product Details
Brand: SKY
Retention: 3-4 weeks
Drying Time: 2 s
Ideal Humidity (application): 40+ %
Storage Life (new): 2 months
Storage Life (opened): 28 days
Storage Temperature: 16-18 °C
COO: Korea

High Fume

Sky Glue is the the most popular brand of glue amongst eyelash professionals all over the world. Sky Glue is perfect for Classic and Russian Volume. Sky Glue is known to have the best retention and is designed for intermediate and professional lash artists alike.
Manufactured in Korea and used all over the world by Master Lash Techs and Trainers. Great for the Canadian climate as it works in dry temps and humidity. Shelf life is 5 to 7 weeks once opened and our bottles are 5ml to allow you to minimize waste

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