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[NICHIBAN] SKINERGATE Surgical Tape (12mm*7m) (1 roll)

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Product Details
Material: Acrylic Adhesive

Nichiban is our most loved tape.

Popular ultra-low irritation surgical tape.
As this tape can be cut by hand easily, no need to use a tape cutter.
Flexibility makes the tape integrate with skin during application and adapts to even small movement of skin.
Therefore, comfortable and less stress to skin.

SKINERGATE is Made with a flexible and moisture-permeable polyolefin film and a highly moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives. This tape is extremely low-irritant. Attaching securely and easily cut by hand, it is good for gause fixing.

Key features

  • Stays dry
    Sweat retained in surgical tape causes hydration of the skin, pH changes or an increase of bacteria, resulting in irritation. this tape is extremely moisture permeable, allowing minimal moisture retention even when applied for a long time. SKINERGATE keeps the skin dry and prevents irritation.
  • Protects the skin's natural barrier
    The outermost layer of the skin is stratum corneum that serve as a barrier. Removing surgical tapes often strip away this layer, which can cause irritation. SKINERGATE is gentle enough to leave this layer intact while still fastening as securely as conventional surgical tapes. It causes minimal water retention in the skin or stripping of the stratum corneum layer even if left on for a long time. This tape makes removal less painful and protects the skin’s natural barrier, preventing irritation.
  • Responsive to the movements of the skin
    Surgical tapes often cause a stress on the skin, causing irritation. The backing of SKINERGATE is a highly flexible polyolefin film that stretches easily and with minimal force, responding to the slightest movement of the skin. This tape removes the discomfort usually felt and reduces stress on the skin. The tape fits to the skin.
  • Secure adhesion
    As strong as it is gentle, SKINERGATE attaches securely in a wide range of uses.
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